Dentures or Dental implants?

Dealing with tooth loss can be difficult; first of all you now have a gap in between your teeth, then you need to decide what that best option is, in order replace your lost tooth with a natural looking alternative. The two most popular options for replacing an absent tooth, are dentures and dental implants. Both dentures and dental implants have their advantages and pitfalls, it’s down to you to decide your preference, and which out of the two will suit your lifestyle better. Dentures have been the ‘go to’ solution for replacing missing teeth for years, they’re great for biting and chewing and you shouldn’t have any problems eating hard food. As all of your teeth will have been replace by dentures, this should reverse any speech problems you had that were caused by the loss of a tooth, and dentures are pretty hard wearing, and should last around 5 to 10 years before they need to be replaced.

dental-implants-in-hertfordCould Hertford dental implants be the best option?

Although Dentures are a viable option, Dental implants in Hertford could be more suitable for you. Dental implants are hardwearing implements made from titanium that are bonded with the jaw, and left to heal for a time range between a few weeks and a few months, before a crown is added to make a fully working replacement tooth. Implants are totally fixed in to the mouth, so they will not move around, causing irritation and discomfort like some dentures are inclined to do. If taken care of properly, Dental implants in Hertford could last your whole lifetime, dentures in comparison, have a fairly short lifespan. One of the best things about the implants provided at Hertford Dental Care, is that because they are imbedded in to the gums, and are designed to be the same colour as your teeth, they look totally natural and there isn’t any reason for people to know that you’re wearing an implant, even if they inspected up close! So what do you think? dentures, or dental implants? The choice in yours. speak to Hertford Dental Care to find out more information on dentures and dental implants in Hertford.

Rediscover a firm jawline with Hertford Dental Implants

Losing one or mouth teeth can, after time, make your mouth area seem so much older. If this has happened to you, you might want to consider being fitted with dental implants at Herford Dental Implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, which are surgically fixed into the jawbone.

dental-implants-hertfordDental implant treatment at Hertford Dental Implants commences with a full consultation with Gordon Black, who has eight years’ experience of dental implant surgery. This consultation is to discuss patient needs and concerns, and may include x-rays and written reports in order to draw up a treatment plan.

Here at Hertford Dental Implants, Dr Black uses dental implants to replace the root of the missing tooth. He inserts the dental implants after cutting into the jawbone and drilling a socket. This surgical procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic. Patients who are anxious about dental surgery, can receive oral or intravenous sedation.

This is the first stage of the dental implant process. It is followed by several weeks to several months of healing time, during which the titanium dental implants mesh with the bone tissue and blood vessels in the jaw in a process known as osseointegration. During this time the implant is covered by a cap to protect its interior thread from being clogged with food.

When the dental implants are firmly secured within the jaw, the patient can receive the second stage of the treatment.

The final part of the treatment is the fixing on the artificial teeth. These teeth are custom-made to blend with the patient’s natural teeth. Patients can receive single or multiple artificial teeth and even entire sets of teeth for both upper and lower jaws.

Once in the place, the Hertford Dental Implants behave like natural teeth. Patients can eat chewy and crunchy foods again, perhaps for the first time in decades, and brush and floss as normal. And the recipient will avoid that gummy old person look that can come with traditional dentures, because Hertford Dental Implants encourage the jawbone and gums to grow, and stop adjacent teeth from moving around.

With Hertford Dental Implants, you no longer have to be referred away and travel long distances to receive the latest treatments for replacing missing teeth.

Struggle with dentures in Hertford? Dental implants could be the answer

Although dentures remain a common treatment for problems with missing teeth, they can often be problematic for those who use them. They still appear to loosen the longer they are worn which can cause discomfort and irritation for those using them.

dentures-in-hertfordAt the heart of this issue is the fact that dentures are not connected to the root of your teeth and only replace broken or missing crowns. As they are not firmly attached to your jaw bone, like real teeth would be, they can often loosen over time.

Technological advances in cosmetic dentistry have brought about the availability of dental implants for use where teeth are damaged or missing, also serving as a great option for those struggling with dentures or bridges. Because implants replace teeth at the root they are more comfortable, secure & longer lasting. Made from titanium, which supports bone growth, they are placed directly in your jaw in a minor operation undertaken by our experienced implant dentist. After time the implant will fuse with your jaw bone giving you a strong and robust bionic tooth.

Contrary to the belief of some, you do not have to have dentures removed to have dental implants, they can be adapted to sit on top of your implants and can be washed and removed as normal. So there is no need to worry about having multiple procedures to get your new teeth implanted.

Once the healing period has occurred and your new implant is fully integrated into your jaw bone, it has the ability able to support your teeth with the strength similar to your natural tooth roots.

Ultimately, Dental Implants are an effective long-standing solution to the problem of missing and broken teeth. The ceramic teeth, which replace your natural ones, are made to match the shade of your natural teeth and look very realistic.

Hertford Dental Implants

At Hertford Dental we are a well known practice offering with a range of treatments including teeth whitening, orthodontics & dental implants in Hertford, where our practice is based. If you want to find out more about how dental implants can improve your quality of life, we invite you to join us at our Hertford practice for a consultation with our implant dentist.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small metal screw, usually made of titanium, put in place of the missing tooth. A consultation will need to be attended to ensure suitability for this procedure. Dental implants in Hertford are becoming more popular as people look for natural ways to replace lost teeth.

When you lose one of your original teeth, it can be quite a devastating time plus the jaw bone can start to disappear over time. The benefit of choosing a dental implant, is that this can stimulate the tissue to start growing again which allows for a stress-free and happier life.

dental-implants-in-hertfordHow is a dental implant different from dentures?

A dental implant is a safe and advanced way of getting your smile back. Due to the teeth being screwed in, it encourages the gums around the teeth to keep regenerating. This then guarantees no loss of jawline and keeps a more youthful look to the face. You will walk away with a more natural looking set of teeth as well as enjoy the benefits of eating a wide range of foods again.

Can I afford dental implants?

It is becoming more popular to find affordable ways to pay in Hertford. Dental implants can now be paid for in instalments to make it accessible for everyone to be able to buy themselves a winning smile. Once you have decided that this is what you want, come and speak to us at Dental Implants Hertford to book in for a consultation where we can answer any questions you have about procedure and suitability of adding in new natural looking teeth. We will also talk to you about the options you can choose for pain relief during the procedure with our team of professionals.

I only need one tooth replaced can you help?

Yes we can! We know that people are searching for either many or just one tooth to be replaced in Hertford. Dental implants can help for everybody. Either way, whether it is just the one or many teeth you want to replace, then you could reap the benefits of being able to chew again on your favourite food. Once the tooth is safely in you also have the option to have any crowns or bridges put in to create your natural smile.

How Hertford Dental Implants can restore the function and appearance of your jaw

Here at Hertford Dental Implants, we have carried out numerous successful dental implant treatments. Implants are titanium tooth roots that can be used to support a crown, denture, or dental bridge, offering a great deal of stability and realistic action.

Teeth can be lost for many reasons, and it is not just a condition that afflicts the older generation. Gum disease, dental decay, and accidents or injuries that involve a blow to the head or face can all lead to tooth loss. At Hertford Dental Implants we believe that, whatever the reason behind it, lost teeth should always be replaced.

hertford-dental-implantsThe traditional ways of replacing missing teeth are dentures and bridges. The trouble is that neither of these replace the roots of teeth, which are vital to keeping your jaw bone strong and healthy. A strong, dense jaw bone is important to keeping your teeth secure and to preserving the entire structure of your face.

Hertford Dental Implants offers implant treatment to replace anything from one to all of your teeth. The options are:

One implant, one crown – for single tooth replacement

Several implants and a dental bridge – for replacing a few, several, or even all the teeth in one jaw

Several implants and an implant-retained denture – for replacing all the teeth in one or both jaws

When you come into Hertford Dental Implants for a consultation with our implant dentist, Dr Gordon Black, he will perform a detailed clinical examination to assess which type of treatment and which implant system is best for you.

X-rays and CT scans will be used as necessary to aid with treatment planning, and to assess the current density of your jaw bone to check if you are suitable for immediate implant placement or if you need an additional procedure to rebuild bone density prior to implant placement.

Most patients at Hertford Dental Implants only need local anaesthetic for the placement of their implants. The procedure is quite simple and bearable from a patient’s perspective, because it is intricately planned beforehand.

Temporary teeth may be fitted during healing, with permanent teeth attached about six months later.

If you need dental implants in Hertford, we can help: here’s how it works

Anyone looking for dental implants in Hertford should consider our clinic for a high-quality, long-term solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are the only way a dentist can replace your missing teeth, and the only way to replace the tooth roots. The roots of teeth aren’t just important for keeping your teeth securely in place, but also essential for preserving the health and vitality of your jaw bone.

dental-implants-hertfordThe jaw bone starts to resorb when the tooth roots are missing for any significant period of time, and it is this that causes traditional dentures to become loose. It’s logical when you think about it; when you first got your dentures, your dentist or clinical dental technician will have taken impressions and measurements to ensure that your new teeth fit your mouth perfectly. But as your jaw bone starts to shrink, so it follows that the fit of your dentures will change.

Many people have to visit their dentist frequently in order to have their dentures relined, adjusted, or in some cases totally remade. By choosing dental implants in Hertford you can avoid and/or reverse these problems, instead being able to enjoy life with what is, to all intents and purposes, a second chance at a mouth fully of healthy and functional adult teeth.

Dental implants in Hertford

Come into our clinic for a consultation about dental implants in Hertford and you will be seen by our experienced implant dentist, Dr Gordon Black. He has carried out numerous successful implant procedures, both to stabilise loose dentures and to replace one or some of your teeth with a single crown or a bridge.

Most people who come to our clinic for dental implants in Hertford only require local anaesthetic for the placement of their implants, which is a minor oral surgical procedure. It takes approximately six months for your implants to fully integrate with your jaw bone in a process called osseointegration.

Normally you can continue to wear your old dentures during integration, or you may have temporary teeth fitted if you are having a single crown or an implant-retained bridge.

Hertford Dental Implants can permanently restore your smile: here’s how it works

Hertford Dental Implants offers a number of implant-based treatments to replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth. Dental implants are the only permanent way to replace missing teeth, and are the only way that a dentist can replace the tooth roots. This is important both in holding your new crown, bridge, or denture securely in place, and to keeping your jaw bone healthy and strong.

dental-implants-hertfordWhen several or all of the teeth are missing from one jaw, the bone beneath the gums will begin to resorb or shrink. This causes the fit of traditional dentures to change, necessitating frequent visits to your dentist to have them relined, adjusted, or even totally remade. A shrinking jaw bone can also change the entire structure of your face, making you look old before your time.

At Hertford Dental Implants, we can prevent all of these problems from happening. Implants are one of the most exciting dental developments of the past three decades, offering an effective long-term solution to tooth loss that is aesthetically pleasing, secure, and highly realistic in terms of action.

A dentist can use implants to treat pretty much any tooth loss scenario. Among the popular implant-based treatments at Hertford Dental Implants are:

  • Replacing a single tooth
  • Replacing back teeth
  • Replacing all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw
  • Replacing a few adjacent missing teeth
  • Restoring the entire mouth with a complete set of new teeth

If you have lost one, some, or all of your natural teeth, we invite you to join us at Hertford Dental Implants for a consultation with our principal dentist, Dr Gordon Black. He will perform a thorough clinical assessment including using x-rays and CT scans as necessary, and will then come up with a fully customised treatment plan to suit your individual needs, so that you know exactly what to expect.

At Hertford Dental Implants we can replace a single tooth with one dental implant and a crown, several or all of your teeth with a series of implants and a dental bridge or dentures. Whatever tooth replacement you need, it will look and act naturally.

Dental implants in Hertford: permanent replacements for missing teeth

If you are looking for dental implants in Hertford, our skilled team of implant dentists can help. Dental implants are the only permanent way for a dentist to replace missing teeth, acting as artificial tooth roots to hold a crown, bridge, or denture in place.

dental-implants-hertfordMissing teeth should always be replaced, to help preserve both oral and general health and enable you to continue eating a healthy and varied diet. By choosing dental implants in Hertford you are choosing to have new, functional teeth that will last for 20 years or more with proper aftercare.

Dental implants in Hertford: how it works

Dental implants in Hertford are provided by our principal dentist, Dr Gordon Black, who has an extensive track record of successful implant treatments. Your journey to new teeth begins with a thorough clinical examination, during which x-rays and CT scans will be used to assess your current level of jaw bone density and to aid with diagnosis and treatment planning.

A shrinking jaw bone is a common side-effect of losing all or several of your teeth, and is frequently seen in patients who have worn dentures for many years. Indeed, it is this jaw bone shrinkage that is the main reason traditional dentures become loose, often requiring regular visits to your dentist to have your false teeth adjusted, and necessitating the use of messy denture pastes and/or cements.

Therefore, whilst dental implants may initially seem more expensive than traditional tooth replacements, choosing dental implants in Hertford is in fact an investment in your smile and your continued oral health. Teeth secured by implants won’t become loose, because these titanium artificial tooth roots help to preserve the health and integrity of your jaw bone. You won’t need to have your dentures adjusted and can avoid the need for denture cement.

Placing dental implants in Hertford usually only requires local anaesthesia, and you will usually be able to wear your old denture during healing after your dentist has adjusted them. The healing process sees the implants integrate with the jaw bone, which takes approximately six months to complete.

How Hertford Dental Implants can restore your smile and more

Hertford Dental Implants offers a number of implant-based treatment options, designed to restore both aesthetic appeal and natural action to your jaw. Implants are artificial tooth roots made out of titanium and placed in your jaw bone in a minor oral surgical procedure. Once there they will integrate with the jaw bone to provide all the stability of natural tooth roots.

dental-implants-HertfordAlthough placing dental implants does require minor surgery, most patients at Hertford Dental Implants only require local anaesthetic for this procedure, because it is intricately planned using the latest 3D computer software before surgery takes place.

However, here at Hertford Dental Implants we understand that some people are very nervous at the prospect of dental treatment. In fact, fear can often play a big role in premature tooth loss. That’s why we also offer the option of implant placement under conscious sedation, which means that whilst you won’t be asleep you will be very relaxed and largely unaware of your treatment. You are also unlikely to remember much about it afterwards – and if you do, this can help to build positive experiences of dentistry going forward.

All the implant work at Hertford Dental Implants is carried out by Principal Dentist Dr Gordon Black. He is a highly experienced implant surgeon who can treat everything from simple to complex implant cases.

Hertford Dental Implants – tooth restoration options

Whatever tooth restoration you need, it is designed to be permanent, both looking and functioning just like a real tooth or teeth. At Hertford Dental Implants your implants can be restored with:

Crowns – For single tooth replacement, one implant and one crown will be used

Bridges – Unlike standard bridges that only replace one or two teeth, implant-retained bridges can support many more teeth. In fact, an implant-retained bridge can be used for full-arch restoration in some cases.

Dentures – Dentures secured to dental implants will not become loose. The implants will hold them securely in place at all times, although you can still take them out for cleaning as required.

Your new teeth require prudent dental hygiene, and you should clean them at least twice daily.

Dental implants in Hertford – what you need to know about permanent tooth replacement

If you are looking for dental implants in Hertford, you should get in touch with our dental practice, which offers a range of implant-based solutions to missing teeth. At Hertford Dental Implants all of our implant treatments are carried out by Principal Dentist Dr Gordon Black.

dental-implants-hertfordDr Black has been awarded the Implant Diploma from The Royal College of Surgeons, and was also a finalist in the National Dentistry Awards in 2015 for a full-mouth rehabilitation case with dental implants. By choosing to have dental implants in Hertford under Dr Black’s care, you can rest assured of the highest-quality results.

How dental implants work

Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth, and are the only tooth replacement option that does so. This keeps your jaw bone strong and healthy as well as keeping your new teeth – crowns, bridges, or dentures – securely in position.

The jaw bone will resorb when most or all of the natural tooth roots are missing for any considerable period of time. This will affect the fit of your dentures, causing them to become increasingly loose and unwieldy.

Loose dentures cause numerous problems with:

  • Diet – you will often be restricted to soft foods and find it hard to get adequate nutrition
  • Speech – it is increasingly hard to speak clearly
  • Confidence – if your dentures are prone to slipping or falling out in public, this can ruin your confidence and your social life
  • Denture sore mouth – caused by repeated rubbing of loose dentures on the gums.

By choosing dental implants in Hertford you can avoid or alleviate all of these problems, getting back all the function and appearance of natural teeth.

Dental implants in Hertford: options

Implants can be used to replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth, in combination with dentures, dental bridgework, or a single crown. Most patients only need local anaesthesia for implant placement, although conscious sedation is also available for those nervous or phobic about dental treatment.

Osseointegration starts the second your implants are in place. It takes a few months to complete, after which your permanent new teeth are fitted.