Dentures or Dental implants?

Dealing with tooth loss can be difficult; first of all you now have a gap in between your teeth, then you need to decide what that best option is, in order replace your lost tooth with a natural looking alternative. The two most popular options for replacing an absent tooth, are dentures and dental implants. Both dentures and dental implants have their advantages and pitfalls, it’s down to you to decide your preference, and which out of the two will suit your lifestyle better. Dentures have been the ‘go to’ solution for replacing missing teeth for years, they’re great for biting and chewing and you shouldn’t have any problems eating hard food. As all of your teeth will have been replace by dentures, this should reverse any speech problems you had that were caused by the loss of a tooth, and dentures are pretty hard wearing, and should last around 5 to 10 years before they need to be replaced.

dental-implants-in-hertfordCould Hertford dental implants be the best option?

Although Dentures are a viable option, Dental implants in Hertford could be more suitable for you. Dental implants are hardwearing implements made from titanium that are bonded with the jaw, and left to heal for a time range between a few weeks and a few months, before a crown is added to make a fully working replacement tooth. Implants are totally fixed in to the mouth, so they will not move around, causing irritation and discomfort like some dentures are inclined to do. If taken care of properly, Dental implants in Hertford could last your whole lifetime, dentures in comparison, have a fairly short lifespan. One of the best things about the implants provided at Hertford Dental Care, is that because they are imbedded in to the gums, and are designed to be the same colour as your teeth, they look totally natural and there isn’t any reason for people to know that you’re wearing an implant, even if they inspected up close! So what do you think? dentures, or dental implants? The choice in yours. speak to Hertford Dental Care to find out more information on dentures and dental implants in Hertford.