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Dental implants are a way of replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth with a fixed crown or bridge for optimum function and aesthetics. Click here for more information.

It is very likely that dental implants will be the solution for your missing tooth or teeth. Implants provide a fixed option on to which a crown, bridge or prosthesis can attach. Implants can give great aesthetics and provide similar eating efficiency to natural teeth. Occasionally if the bone volume is reduced then a routine implant may not be possible. However, we have various techniques to either add bone or allow new bone to form which enables us to then place implants.

We always use local anaesthetic for dental implant placement to ensure the procedure is comfortable for you. Most patients report back that having the implant placed was far more comfortable than having a tooth extracted.

Some patients will take painkillers afterwards but many don't find this is necessary following routine implant placement. More advanced procedures involving bone grafting and sinus lift procedures can result in some post operative discomfort and swelling. Some patients request their treatment to be carried out under sedation. We can arrange for an anaesthetist to perform sedation for treatment if requested.

A single implant fully restored with its crown and all the stages involved costs from £2000. As the number of implants increases then the cost reduces per implant. Dr Black would discuss all the different options and costs at your consultation and then follow it up with a written consent letter including all these details. Payment is normally made in stages. Part payment at the time of implant placement and then the final balance when the restorations are placed on the implants. This may be over a six month period. However, payment plans can be arranged to spread payment over 12, 24 or 36 months.

A routine dental implant can be completed in approximately 4 months. Dr Black normally waits for 3 months after implant placement to allow it to integrate and for bone to fuse around the implant. Impressions are then taken to have the final crown fabricated and attached to the implant approximately 3 weeks later. For some procedures the timescales are longer and for some restorations we may require some trial stages to ensure optimal aesthetics are achieved.

After implant placement you will be asked to rinse with an antibacterial mouth rinse for 1 week and take a course of antibiotics. You may wish to take analgesics but many patients find this is not necessary. A review appointment will be arranged for 2 weeks after implant placement to ensure satisfactory healing and to remove any sutures that have not resorbed away. Dr Black is always available for advice during this time.

Following the restoration being attached to the implant, Dr Black will advise you about the best ways to keep the area clean and our hygienist will reinforce this at future appointments. Implants will last a long time if looked after just like our natural teeth.

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