Dental implants: changing your smile for the better forever

We understand that losing teeth can be a stressful experience, which is why at Hertford Dental Implants we strive to make the solution as easy and comfortable as possible. We provide solutions for any number of missing teeth with dental implants in Hertford.

There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your missing teeth, which go beyond cosmetic issues. Having a smile with a full set of teeth protects your remaining natural teeth, which can otherwise be prone to tilting into the gaps left behind after tooth loss.

Dental Implants in HertfordHow your teeth depend on each other

When we lose a tooth, the jawbone loses the stimulation once provided by this tooth. Our jawbones need these signals to maintain their density and strength. When we lose a tooth, the jawbone in this area therefore starts to deteriorate as it no longer receives this vital stimulation. This brings more problems for teeth neighbouring the gap as they become less stable.

The remaining natural teeth will also face more strain and begin to wear unevenly, increasing the risk of further damage. Gaps created by tooth loss also make the remaining teeth more difficult to keep clean as there are more spaces for bacteria to grow. This is why having dental implants in Hertford can help maintain the health of the rest of your remaining teeth.

Getting dental implants in Hertford

Treatment with dental implants in Hertford involves a minor surgical procedure in which titanium screws are inserted into the jawbone, acting as substitutes for missing tooth roots. Once these screws have integrated with the jawbone, they will act as sturdy anchors for a custom-made crowns to be attached.

If you have a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, dental implants can provide a stable and long-lasting solution. Implants can even be placed to secure existing dentures, providing you with the confidence and stability to enjoy the foods you love without worry or often troublesome denture adhesives.

The whole process, including healing time and aftercare, typically takes 6 months. If you look after your implants well, they could last you a whole lifetime, making them the most durable and reliable treatment for tooth loss available.

Save your smile with dental Implants in Hertford

Here at Hertford Dental Implants, we understand that in the case of tooth loss, time is of the essence. You may be worried about further damage to your remaining teeth when one or more are lost and getting treatment as soon as possible can help alleviate these concerns.

If you do lose a tooth, arrange a consultation with us and we can discuss your options with you, including dental implants in Hertford. We can provide solutions for any number of lost teeth, from a single tooth to a whole set. Dental implants can also be placed to secure dentures, providing a more stable foundation for chewing.

Dental Implants in HertfordWhy should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants provide the most stable, durable solution for tooth loss. Other solutions such as dental bridges come with many downsides. With a dental bridge, if you need to replace one missing tooth, the teeth either side need are effectively damaged to support the bridge.

Other treatments don´t last as long as dental implants potentially can, with dentures needing to be replaced every 3 to 8 years. If you look after your dental implants well, they could last you a lifetime, giving you the confidence to eat your favorite foods and enjoy the same quality of life as you did before you lost any teeth. Many patients, after healing and getting used to their implants, forget which teeth are real and which are implants.

The importance of acting quickly with tooth loss

It is obvious that you need your teeth to chew and enjoy your food, but having a missing tooth also puts the rest of your natural teeth at risk. This is because your jaw will begin to shrink and change shape when you lose a tooth. Your gums that supported the tooth will also begin to recede.

When the bone that supported your tooth starts to deteriorate, the surrounding teeth can move, shifting them out of alignment. This is a problem because it will make them wear unevenly and when you bite down, your teeth won’t meet in the middle. This makes them more susceptible to further damage that could be avoided. You can avoid all of these downsides with dental implants in Hertford.

Dental implants for diabetic patients? All you need to know

For years, diabetes prevented patients from having dental implants. However, recent advancements in dentistry have shown that even patients with diabetes can have dental implants placed successfully into their jawbone, as long as their diabetes is under control.

Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body can produce a sugar known as glucose that cells use for energy production. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose levels in the body and is produced by the pancreas. The body needs insulin to help keep glucose levels stable, and when insulin levels are uncontrolled, you can have too much glucose in your blood. Diabetes comes in two different types – 1 and 2. Type 2 is the most common, however, the regulation of blood sugar in both types is of high importance, because high and low levels of glucose can have damaging effects.

Dental Implants in HertfordIf you a diabetic patient and you want to replace one or several missing teeth with dental implants in Hertford, our experienced dentists at Hertford Dental Implants will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. Generally, dental implants are a good option for patients who can undergo oral surgery and have enough bone left in the jaw. Diabetic patients are encouraged to control their diabetes before seeking dental implant treatment. We also encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible in relation to your condition. In most cases, there needs to be co-operation between the patient, the dentist and the pathologist for the best possible results. At the end of your consultation, we will be able to determine whether you are eligible for dental implants in Hertford.

Many short-term studies have produced evidence that uncontrolled diabetes can increase the risk of dental implant failure, thus making dental implant treatment a poor choice for patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Patients with controlled diabetes, on the other hand, have better success rates with dental implants, since diabetes does not affect the healing process.

If you have experienced tooth loss, you are suffering from diabetes and would like to learn more about dental implants in Hertford, contact us today and we will schedule an appointment for you.

Missing your smile?

Do you feel that your missing teeth are preventing you from smiling with confidence? At Hertford Dental Implants, we want you to feel unafraid of showing off the teeth you deserve. Whether you’re missing a single or multiple teeth, the effect is just as devastating. You may have to watch what you eat, avoiding certain things and only eating soft foods as a result. It may even be that as a consequence of weak jawbone density, you struggle with a gaunt appearance in your face.

Thanks to our team of dental professionals, you can receive dental implants in Hertford. Having to deal with the irritation of missing teeth should no longer be an option for you. Instead, you might consider booking a consultation with one of our friendly dentists, who will be helpful in guiding you towards the right decision.

Dental Implants in HertfordStart smiling, dental implant in progress

In Hertford, dental implants are a desirable prospect for patients who just want their smile back after tooth loss. Before treatment, you will be asked about your medical history, your lifestyle, and habits, as well as how you desire your teeth to be.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, one of our implant dentists will carefully explain your personalised treatment plan. That way, should you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure, you will have time to discuss them.

During treatment, your implant dentist will begin by fixing in a titanium screw into the place where the missing tooth once was. This screw encourages the growth of new bone and begins to fuse with the jawbone over time. Eventually, the screw acts as an artificial tooth root, which can then be topped off with replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures. From there, all we ask is that you maintain the cleanliness of your brand new smile.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon!

After your treatment, you’ll have follow-up appointments with the same dentist, just so they can ensure everything is going smoothly for you. We’re certain that you’ll be left grinning after you’ve had treatment with dental implants in Hertford.

What a relief

Are you considering dental implants in Hertford, but at the same time, feeling anxious about the amount of pain involved when receiving this treatment? At Hertford Dental Implants, we wouldn’t let a patient’s fear of pain stop them from missing out on replacement teeth. That’s because when our highly qualified and experienced dentist provide patients with the opportunity of replacing missing teeth, they also offer different options of pain relief to suit you.

The fear of discomfort when considering dental implants is probably the first thing that patients are concerned with, which is why it’s one of the first things we will address. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, you will be kept as comfortable as possible with local anaesthesia. For nervous patients in particular, our specially trained nurses and dentists can offer you IV sedation, which will make you feel at ease and relaxed during the dental treatment.

Dental Implants in HertfordSo, how do dental implants actually work?

Now that you know how relaxing it’ll be for you, it’s also helpful to know the logistics of dental implants before you receive them. During treatment, a titanium screw will be fixed into the position of the missing tooth. As soon as the implants are correctly positioned, they gradually fuse with the jawbone, healing over time and eventually acting as a tooth root. From there, you will come back to one of our specialists and they will fit in crowns, a bridge or dentures. Should you be missing multiple teeth, the procedure will be the same, but you will require more implants.

In Hertford, dental implants will be recommended to you by your dentist as a clinically proven solution to tooth loss. Missing teeth means having an unwanted gappy and gaunt smile, and can even cause many complications with dental hygiene.

Still undecided?

If you’re unsure about receiving dental implants in Hertford, it would be useful for you to visit one of our friendly specialists, even it means simply to discuss your concerns. Dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss and it’s really worth considering them if you’re feeling embarrassed or unhappy about your missing teeth when you smile. Remember, healthy teeth means a happier you!

Enjoy the simple pleasures of life with dental implants

Has your quality of life been affected by tooth loss? If you are a denture wearer, you may have realised that some of the simple pleasures in life, such as sinking your teeth into a crusty baguette, or biting into a crisp, juicy apple, are now a thing of the past. There may be other things that you miss. Perhaps you feel that you cannot enjoy a good laugh or even talking to people with confidence, worrying that your teeth may let you down.

When you have lost your teeth and start wearing dentures, you will discover that although dentures look like teeth, they do not always act like your natural teeth did. This is due to the fact that they only sit over your gums and are not attached to your jaw. The good news is that even if you are now wearing full dentures there is a better solution available for denture wearers in Hertford, dental implants.

Dental Implants in HertfordIn Hertford, dental implants are helping more denture wearers to be able to enjoy their lives to the full again. Because they provide a strong and secure way to fix your dentures in place for good, dental implants let you forget about your teeth and worry about more important things, like what you are going to choose on the menu. After a dental implant has been fitted, it will become integrated into your jaw, allowing your dentures to be fixed in place, meaning that you can start to enjoy your favourite foods once more.

Dental implants are made from titanium. A small precision engineered screw is inserted into an artificial socket after a tooth has been removed or lost. These become integrated into your jaw through a process called osseointegration. Once the gum and jawbone have healed around the implants, your dentures can then be attached, restoring the natural appearance of your teeth as well as allowing you to start enjoying eating and laughing in total confidence. At our practice here in Hertford, dental implants are used to resolve a wide range of tooth loss issues, from a single tooth to a full set of dentures.

Rebuilding your smile, dental implants in Hertford

Losing a tooth or teeth can be a very upsetting experience, especially if your front teeth are affected. As well as having a major impact on how you look and also feel about yourself, lost teeth, if not replaced, result in your mouth and cheeks developing an aged and sunken look. Many people will tell you that traditional methods to replace lost teeth, using removable dentures or bridgework, are not a satisfactory long-term solution to the problem. If you already have dentures, you may find that you now struggle when eating certain foods, and over time dentures gradually become looser as the bone in your jaws gradually shrink.

Dental Implants in HertfordWhat makes a dental implant a better choice?

Now more patients than ever are asking about dental implants in Hertford. Dental implants are a modern solution to tooth loss that offers a clinically proven, safe solution to restoring your smile. In fact, dentists now regard them as the gold-standard treatment for tooth loss, and they have now been widely used around the world for more than 30 years.

Implants consist of a precision made titanium screw, which is inserted into the socket where a tooth has been removed or lost. Once the gum and bone has healed around this, an artificial tooth is then fixed into place. Because the implant becomes fused with the living bone, dental implants have proved to be a very durable and stable tooth replacement method. There are numerous benefits to having dental implants, these include: improved support to the muscles of the lips and face; prevention of bone loss from the jaw; and, a tooth that looks and feels like your own.

A single implant can be used to replace just one or several teeth, and can support a bridge with up to three teeth if necessary. If you need a full set of dentures, a series of four to six dental implants can be used to support these too, giving you teeth that are firmly secured and allow you to eat and speak with confidence. If you are thinking about finding out more about dental implants in Hertford, come and talk to us here at Hertford Dental Implants.

Get your mouth back

When you lose one or more teeth, you also start to lose the full functionality of your mouth. Bridges and dentures (either full or partial) restore the look of the teeth that you have lost, but they can’t give you back the complete use of your mouth. If you want your mouth back, now’s a good time to consider having dental implants in Hertford.

While it is true that the replacement teeth of today are far more lifelike than even a decade ago, having only the crowns (that’s the pearly white bit) replaced will look great, but they can’t work like your real teeth did. That is, not unless they have a firm anchor from which to chew and bite. Take a look at a natural tooth, they each have roots. The biters at the front may have one root, but the further back you go in the mouth, the more roots your teeth need to hold them in place while they chew your food.

Dental Implants in HertfordNo wonder then that bridges and dentures cannot mimic the action of teeth all that well, even if they look the part. Bridges rely on the natural teeth next to the gap being ground down and used as posts to hang the bridge from. Dentures rely on suction to the gum, which means they have to be gravity defying for the top jaw.

In Hertford, dental implants from Hertford Dental Implants replace the root as well as the tooth. These artificial roots are made from titanium and are inserted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic.

What you have in the way of crowns will affect the size of the implant. For example, if you choose to have one crown to one implant, the posts will be tiny. If, when you come to us to discuss dental implants in Hertford, you decide you want to have your dentures stabilised with implants, the implants are inserted at a particular angle and are longer so that between four and six of them can act as support for the whole arch.

To find out more about dental implants in Hertford, make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Smiling is good for you

When you smile, it releases endorphins in the body which are your happy hormones. It also helps to connect you to the people around you. If you are worried about smiling because of a problem with your teeth, you are missing out on these benefits.

Many people associate a full set of bright teeth with health and youth. If your smile has gaps in it, you may feel like this says something negative about you. Fortunately, you can have your teeth restored with Hertford Dental Implants.

Dental Implants in HertfordRestoration work

At Hertford Dental Implants, we will happily undertake the work of restoring your smile. To begin with, we check your mouth to see where you need dental implants and if any work is required to prepare the area.

Dental implants sit deep in the jawbone where the root of your tooth normally resides. In order to fit them, your dentist drills holes in the jawbone. Dental implants, which are usually screw-shaped, are made from bio-friendly titanium. Both the shape and the material of your dental implants help encourage the jawbone to knit around them, securing them in place over a period of weeks. Once this process is complete, you can have artificial teeth mounted on top. These are usually permanently fixed in place but, if you are having denture stabilisation, they may be removable and click on and off of your implants.

Increased confidence

Once your procedure is complete, you can confidently smile again. Not only that, you will also have the freedom to choose to eat the foods that you love again. If this has not been possible for you due to missing teeth or because you have been using a different kind of tooth replacement, this should be an intensely enjoyable experience.

How we can help

At Hertford Dental Implants, we look forward to supporting you through the process of getting dental implants. We have many years of experience helping patients to prepare for this surgery. Once it is complete, we give you advice on aftercare including how much rest you will need, what food you can eat and how to care for your healing implants. We see you regularly at check-ups to monitor the progress of implantation and ensure that you are happy.

Modern dental implants

Dental implants have been around for many decades and have come a long way since the first one was placed by Dr Branemark in 1965. Today, they are much more predictable, less invasive and the results are much more aesthetically pleasing than they were even as little as five years ago.

Dental implants allow you to chew effectively

Scientists say that up to 30% of digestion occurs by chewing your food correctly. If your teeth are not biting properly due to lack of teeth, then your digestion will not be ideal, which could then be detrimental to your overall health.

Dental Implants in HertfordOur patients at Hertford Dental Implants in Hertford, often say they suffer with persistent acid reflux or indigestion. Some report a lowered immunity and are constantly feeling ill, or they constantly feel drained of energy. All these symptoms could be the result of poor absorption of nutrients within the digestive system due to lack of inadequate chewing of food.

Dental implants in Hertford would eradicate this problem permanently.

Do you want to look younger?

If you have missing teeth you may suffer with sunken-in cheeks and muscles around the teeth. This can often cause wrinkles too. If your lips are supported and in the correct position it looks healthy and keeps you looking younger.

Improve your smile

These days, the technology involved in dental implants production is hugely advanced. This means that the final results will look so natural and so aesthetically appealing that you generally can’t tell the difference between natural teeth and dental implants.

Dental implants will help jaw ache too

The joint that controls your jaw movement has a very high blood supply and is very close to many of the main nerves of the neck, head and face. It has been shown through many studies that if this joint isn’t working properly it can cause migraines, teeth grinding, tinnitus, vertigo, earache and many more.

Dental implants in Hertford can restore this joint to its most natural position, which in turn could relieve these symptoms.

So, why wait, give Hertford Dental Implants in Hertford a call today and get your smile back!