Rebuilding your smile, dental implants in Hertford

Losing a tooth or teeth can be a very upsetting experience, especially if your front teeth are affected. As well as having a major impact on how you look and also feel about yourself, lost teeth, if not replaced, result in your mouth and cheeks developing an aged and sunken look. Many people will tell you that traditional methods to replace lost teeth, using removable dentures or bridgework, are not a satisfactory long-term solution to the problem. If you already have dentures, you may find that you now struggle when eating certain foods, and over time dentures gradually become looser as the bone in your jaws gradually shrink.

Dental Implants in HertfordWhat makes a dental implant a better choice?

Now more patients than ever are asking about dental implants in Hertford. Dental implants are a modern solution to tooth loss that offers a clinically proven, safe solution to restoring your smile. In fact, dentists now regard them as the gold-standard treatment for tooth loss, and they have now been widely used around the world for more than 30 years.

Implants consist of a precision made titanium screw, which is inserted into the socket where a tooth has been removed or lost. Once the gum and bone has healed around this, an artificial tooth is then fixed into place. Because the implant becomes fused with the living bone, dental implants have proved to be a very durable and stable tooth replacement method. There are numerous benefits to having dental implants, these include: improved support to the muscles of the lips and face; prevention of bone loss from the jaw; and, a tooth that looks and feels like your own.

A single implant can be used to replace just one or several teeth, and can support a bridge with up to three teeth if necessary. If you need a full set of dentures, a series of four to six dental implants can be used to support these too, giving you teeth that are firmly secured and allow you to eat and speak with confidence. If you are thinking about finding out more about dental implants in Hertford, come and talk to us here at Hertford Dental Implants.