There’s more to dental implants in Hertford than beautiful teeth

Dental implants are a big investment of time and money, there’s no denying it. So, you may be wondering if you can be bothered to spend so much of both resources just to replace a missing tooth or two. Maybe those teeth are at the back of your mouth where no one can see them, or you think dental implants are just vanity and dentures will do just as well.

dental-implants-in-HertfordAnd maybe dentures will, but before you go making a decision based on money and fear of vanity, you need to know why in Hertford, dental implants are also an important health consideration.

Dental implants and the health of your jawbone

Losing a tooth does not just affect your looks and ability to bite and chew, it also leads to damaging changes in your jawbone and other teeth.

When one or more of your teeth have been missing for a short while, the bone in your jaw is no longer stimulated by teeth moving against each other and it stops regenerating. This means that over time, it starts to lose density. Also without the stimulation of teeth in your gums, they don’t get the blood supply they need and start to recede. On top of all that, the teeth surrounding the gap can start to tip into it.

Dental implants in Hertford can put a stop to these effects on your jaw and other teeth, and their presence stimulates the bone and blood vessels to regenerate, giving you back a strong, healthy jaw and gums.

The reasons dentures cannot regenerate bone is because they sit over the gap in the jawbone, rather than filling it as dental implants do. Gums and bone continue to recede and reduce in density and this is what leads to dentures becoming looser over time.

In Hertford dental implants work by replacing the root of the missing tooth with carefully positioned, tiny posts, made of titanium, which the dentist screws into the jaw bone.

At Hertford Dental Care, we can replace one, a few or all of your teeth, with single teeth, a bridge for several teeth, or a dental implant-retained denture for replacing all the teeth.