No more dental pain

If you have ever had to have teeth removed due to infection, you will be aware of the amount of pain it can cause. Bad habits such as smoking, eating sugary foods or drinking sugary drinks all add to the likelihood of oral health problems. Not brushing twice daily or flossing can lead to gum disease or infection, which may in turn lead to having to have one or more teeth removed.

If this has happened to you, you will know of the problems the remaining gaps can cause. Hertford Dental Implants can help you will all the problems you may encounter:

  • Aesthetically – missing teeth can cause the face to have an unflattering sunken look, where the jaw bone tissue has started to degrade due to lack of stimulation from tooth roots;
  • Speech – missing teeth can cause a lisp, whistles, clicks or other problems that can affect the ability to speak clearly and be understood;
  • Eating or drinking – the ability to bite and chew with confidence can be significantly affected by having missing teeth. You may have to even avoid certain foods, which have become too difficult to eat.

dental-implants-in-hertfordHow do they work?

Hertford dental implants are small discreet screws that are attached directly to the jaw, providing a secure base for artificial teeth, with a failure rate of less than 2%. These screws then become part of your jaw over time, creating a seamless join between the screw and your jaw. At this point, Hertford Dental Implants can connect additions onto your implant such as dentures, crowns and bridges, which then behave just like natural teeth.

Why Hertford Dental Implants?

Our resident principal dentist is Gordon Black. He has worked with us for over eight years. Dr Black has completed a two year dental implants course at the Royal College of Surgeons and has been awarded his diploma in dental implants. Dr Black is particularly interested in more advanced aesthetic dentistry to change people’s smiles using dental implants.

In 2008, Dr Black was a finalist at the National Smile Awards for the smile makeover category using porcelain veneers for one of his patients, as well as in 2015, when Dr Black was a finalist in the National Dentistry Awards for a full mouth rehabilitation case with dental implants.