Get your smile back with Hertford dental implants

The demand for alternative tooth replacement treatments has been growing in recent years. This is because people are finding better options when it comes to tooth replacement in Hertford. Hertford Dental Implants offer solutions for any number of missing teeth.

In Hertford, dental implants can even support a patient’s existing dentures, fixing them firmly in place and boosting their practicality. Many denture users have trouble with their dentures staying in place when eating, so this type of a treatment is a welcome improvement on traditional dentures.

Dental Implants in HertfordImplant technology: your journey

Your journey to a perfect smile starts with an initial consultation where you will discuss your needs and any concerns you may have.

The next step is the planning of the treatment. The exact insertion angle of the dental implant needs to be precisely planned to give you the best outcome. A custom-made appliance will be crafted to fit your smile perfectly.

Once everything is planned, a minor surgical procedure will take place. This procedure is carried out so that the implant can be fitted into your jaw. A small hole is created in your jawbone to allow the screw to be fitted and integrate with the bone, utilising your body’s natural healing process.

Once your jawbone and implant have successfully integrated, a crown, bridge or other appliance can be fitted.

Advantages of dental implants in Hertford

There are many advantages to Hertford dental implants. Not least is how long they last – patients can enjoy a lifetime with their dental implants. All you need to do to look after your dental implant is to treat it like one of your natural teeth. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing and using anti-bacterial mouthwash should keep your implant healthy.

Dental implants also protect the rest of your natural teeth. This is because they provide the same type of stimulation that a tooth’s root provides for the jawbone. This stimulation is vital for the jawbone to stay in shape. It also helps the gums to stay healthy, supporting your natural teeth.

Most people who have lost teeth can be eligible for implants. Even nervous patients can be catered for, with oral or intravenous sedation.