Get to the root of your missing teeth problems

At Hertford Dental Implants, we know that replacing missing teeth is not just a matter of crowns, bridges and removable dentures. What goes on below the gum-line is just as important for a lot of people who have lost one or more teeth.

The reason dental implants in Hertford can have such a huge and beneficial impact on patients is that they replace the missing root as well as the tooth.

missing-teeth-in-hertfordImplants are tiny screws made of titanium, a metal that has the amazing ability to become one with our bone tissue. In Hertford, dental implants are fitted into the jawbone during oral surgery performed under local anaesthetic. Patients who are especially anxious about oral surgery can opt for sedation as well so that they can fully relax during the surgery.

Once the implants are in place, the jawbone is given several weeks in which to heal. This gives time for new bone tissue and blood vessels to grow around the implants and to mesh with the metal and so hold it securely in place, creating a stable base which will be able to cope with the multi-directional forces producing by biting and chewing.

In Hertford, dental implants are fitted by our dentists to resolve the top six problem areas that patients report. They are can be used when all the upper teeth are missing; to replace missing back teeth; to replace one missing lower tooth or side tooth; and even to replace every single tooth at once.

That solves the root of the problem. What about the crowns? Well, we know that no one really wants to look like their teeth are not their own, which is why the crown (white) part of the teeth is hand-made in a specialist laboratory to match the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. Or, if you are having all your teeth replaced and have a photograph of your smile, or impressions of your lost teeth, then they can be matched from these.

Dental implants, if you look after them as carefully, can last for the rest of your life, so they are well worth the investment.