Get rid of the wobble

If you have been living with dentures for a while, you may have noticed that they don’t fit like they used to and that you can no longer be sure that your false teeth will stay put. One solution is to get your dentures stabilised with Hertford dental implants in Hertford.

At Hertford Dental Implants, denture stabilisation is a great halfway solution for those people who want teeth that do as they’re told, but can’t afford to get all their teeth replaced with dental implants. The trouble with dentures is that, although they start off fitting well to the gums, over time the gums recede and the jawbone beneath actually shrinks, losing up to 25% of its size in the first year after the teeth are gone. When the bone shrinks and the gums recede, there is less for the dentures to adhere to, and the dreaded wobble sets in.

Dental Implants in HertfordDenture stabilisation explained

When you get your dentures stabilised with Hertford dental implants in Hertford, mini dental implants are inserted into the jawbone through the gum in a procedure that is much quicker than having normal dental implants inserted. The implants have a fitting on the top onto which you attach your dentures, rather like a press stud. This holds the dentures in place, giving you the freedom to eat all those yummy foods on the denture wearers’ prohibited list, like apples and steaks.

At the end of the day, you still remove your dentures and give your gums a rest overnight as usual. You can get your current dentures customised to have the snap fastener fittings, or if you have had them for a while and they are getting rather worn, we can make you some new custom dentures that will look so like natural teeth that no one will know that these teeth are not your own. You can then once again smile with confidence.

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