Are there gaps in your smile?

How would it feel to like how you look and be able to smile spontaneously? Imagine being able to eat your favourite foods no matter how chewy, crunchy or gloopy? If being able to do these things are distant memories, then you may be suffering with the discomfort, inconvenience or unsightly appearance of missing teeth. Losing your teeth diminishes the beauty of your smile. It also affects the shape of your face, as there is nothing to support your cheeks and lips from the inside. Any remaining teeth may also become unstable, as they can tip or drift out of position. At Hertford Dental Implants, we have seen how many people have benefitted from having dental implants in Hertford.

Dental Implants in HertfordWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants are small metal screws that are inserted into the jaw during a minor surgical procedure. This is carried out under local anaesthetic, so is normally comfortable. As the jawbone heals over a period of approximately 2-6 months, the bone cells and blood vessels  mesh around the implants  to hold them firmly in place. When the implants  are secure, they are used as a base for a single replacement tooth, a bridge of several teeth or a full set. We can even deal with complex cases where the bone density of the jaw is insufficient to support the implants. Sinus lifts and bone grafts can be used to add bone density and can make all the difference if you have been told that you cannot have implants. For our patients in Hertford, dental implants should last several decades.

Why are dental implants a better option?

When you have dental implants in Hertford, you are choosing a secure, permanent solution that avoids the need for removeable appliances that can restrict your diet, be unstable and need to be removed for cleaning. For people in Hertford, dental implants have allowed them to live life to the full again. Another major advantage is that implants stimulate the bones of the jaw in the same way as natural teeth when you bite and chew. This stops the bone and gums shrinking, which is what happens with gaps, bridges and dentrues.

Join our many satisfied patients in Hertford. Dental implants could give you something to smile about and a healthier future.