Aftercare instructions for dental implants in Hertford

If you are about to undergo implant surgery or you were just fitted with dental implants in Hertford, proper aftercare is important. Symptoms such as bleeding, light pain, redness and swelling are normal after implant surgery, but if you follow your dentist’s instructions, it will help reduce your pain level and speed the healing process.

At Hertford Dental Implants, we use implants to restore your missing teeth, so you can once again enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, strong and healthy smile. Besides fitting your dental implants successfully, our experienced dental team will provide advice for a smooth and pleasant recovery. Here are some important tips and post-operative instructions to follow, if you want to keep your dental implants healthy.

dental-implants-hertfordImmediately after implant surgery

After your implant surgery, you should only have cold drinks and do not eat until the anaesthesia has worn off. Avoid hot food and beverages for the first day and do not put too much pressure in the area. Do not touch the dental implants with your tongue or fingers and avoid vigorous activities for at least two days after the operation.

It is quite normal to experience redness, pain and swelling after the operation – it will go away completely after a few days. Swelling can be reduced with ice packs gently placed on your cheek. Equally, pain shouldn’t be significant. Soreness and light pressure will last for a few days after the surgery and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. Be careful not to place the pill directly on your teeth or gums as it can affect your soft tissue.

If after a week you still experience pain and swelling, you must return to us as soon as possible in order to ensure that you are not fighting an infection.

Cleaning and maintenance

Successful implant surgery depends on keeping your teeth and gums as clean as possible. Once sensitivity wears off, you should be able to brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush. You are advised not to smoke until the wounds have healed, but you should generally consider quitting smoking if you want to ensure maximum success for your dental implants in Hertford.